Two crows

15 x 15 cm - acryl on wood - framed


"This little painting is a reminder that you are always guided.

Crows are smart and trustworthy messengers. Listen to their advice, sometimes it is a warning, sometimes it is a wisdom that they share.

If a crow enters your dream or meditation, it’s a sign of transformation.

Are you going through a career change, starting a new relationship, or relocating to a new city?

Whatever this transformation may be that you are going trough at this moment, the crow tells you to trust your intuition and know that you are ready.

The size of this painting makes it easy to put it on a little altar of switch places wherever you need this painting. You can bring it along easily, it even fits in your (big) purse if you need to take it with you."

Mieke Fleurackers

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