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Mieke Fleurackers - A Spiritual Alchemist

A bit of background: I've been immersed in the world of brushes and sketching since my childhood, taking a formal plunge into classical visual arts training later on. However, for me, art is more than drawing pretty pictures; it's my way of perceiving and expressing the mystery, teachings, adventures, magic, love, and light encountered in this world. Alongside this, my four years of training as a medium in Antwerp and at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, has taught me to delve into the unseen realms, connecting with energies beyond the tangible.

As an artist, I see myself now as a spiritual alchemist, with the goal of capturing the very essence of spiritual alchemy in this wild journey we call life.

Painting as a direct connection to the spiritual realm

The year 2019 marks the biggest turning point in my artistic journey. My son passed away and my heart shattered into a thousand pieces. I was and still am devastated by his sudden departure from this world. Painting, at that moment, became a compelling necessity to keep breathing and existing in the most excruciating pain imaginable. Painting gave me a language of colors, lines, and imagery that allows me to express the inexpressible, where words fall short. Since then, my portfolio has evolved rapidly and became my direct line to the spiritual realm. Unconstrained by preconceived ideas, I now draw inspiration from intuitive images born of dreams and my communication with the spirit world. My artworks typically feature a restrained color palette with soft, almost misty transitions, adorned with playful lines and markings. Each piece bears its own unique symbolism, occasionally graced by the presence of a spirit animal or a message from the other side of the veil.

Mieke painting

Expression of love and the gentle side of grief

For me there is a very thin line between suffering and love, I recognize them now as two facets of the same coin. My most profound pain and grief is interwoven with an equally deep appreciation for the love that exists between me and my son, even when we are both on other sides of the veil.
You'll discover both gentle and playful elements as profound rawness in my paintings.
It is this juxtaposition of tremendous suffering and the deepest love that I aim to express.

Open your heart to discover the gift in each painting

When you view my paintings with an open heart, you will often find your own experiences reflected. Simultaneously, you might receive comfort, healing, or a soothing gift concealed within.

Colors of the world

I love traveling and exploring all the colors, shapes, sounds, smells, and cultures of this world. Having been part of international art initiatives in India and Brazil, I plan to collaborate internationally whenever I can.

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Mieke Fleurackers

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