Shadow Work

30 x 30 cm - acryl on wood - framed


"Shadow work, a journey deep,
Into the parts of ourselves we keep,
Hidden in darkness, out of sight,
Where our fears and doubts take flight.

It's a mirror held up to our soul,
Revealing the parts that we control,
But also the little pieces we deny,
The parts we'd rather let die.

Through shadow work, we face our pain,
Our traumas and wounds, we do not feign,
For in facing them, we find release,
And in letting go, we find our peace.

Shadow work is a journey within,
A journey where we confront our sin,
Where we embrace our flaws and our light,
And in doing so, we find our might."

Mieke Fleurackers

Mieke Fleurackers © 2024. All rights reserved.

Made by Yorrick