Luminescent jellyfish

30 x 30 cm - acryl on canvas board - framed


"A painting to remind you that you are filled with light coming from within
Even when you are surrounded in deep darkness.

In the depths of the ocean, where the darkness prevails,
There swims a creature with luminescent trails,
A jellyfish yellow pink blue, so bright and so bold,
Its light shines like a beacon, a sight to behold.
Its tendrils glow with a soft and gentle light,
A dance of colors, so beautiful and bright,
As it moves through the water, with a graceful glide,
It leaves a trail of luminescence, like a starry guide.
The transparant jellyfish, so magical and rare,
A sight that fills my heart with wonder and care,
For in its delicate beauty, I see a world of grace,
A reminder that even in darkness, light has a place.
And as I watch it swim, so peaceful and serene,
I am filled with awe, at the beauty I've seen,
For in this luminescent jellyfish, I find a gift,
A reminder to shine, and to let my own light lift."

Mieke Fleurackers

Mieke Fleurackers © 2024. All rights reserved.

Made by Yorrick