Fire and Ice

20 x 20 cm - acryl on canvas - framed


"Fire dances, it crackles bright,
Burning hot, with its warm light,
Embers glowing, flames alight,
Its energy, a brilliant sight.

Ice glitters, like a diamond's sheen,
Sparkling bright, a frozen scene,
Glistening in a wintery dream,
Its stillness, a silent scream.

Yet fire and ice, can coexist,
In a harmony, that can't be missed,
Like a frozen lake, with flames kissed,
Their contrast, a moment blissed.

For fire brings warmth, to the cold,
And ice brings chill, to the bold,
Together they balance, as they unfold,
A paradox, to be told.

Fire and ice, in perfect blend,
A lesson for us, to comprehend,
Opposites can coexist, and transcend,
And in harmony, our hearts can mend."

Mieke Fleurackers

Mieke Fleurackers © 2024. All rights reserved.

Made by Yorrick